Community Stakeholder Manager

The water industry might not be the first place you have been thinking about working, it certainly wasn’t mine, but this industry is varied, fast moving and very rewarding. When I left university, I had no idea what I wanted to do. After just a year on the Graduate Scheme, I found a job I enjoyed and focused on getting a role in the team.

What attracted you to work at Affinity Water?
I was attracted to the Company’s Graduate Scheme, partly because I had worked with Affinity Water when I was with the local Council and so I knew a bit about the company. I was mainly attracted by the company’s approach to taking in graduates and moving them around the business. I was on the Technical Scheme which covers critical infrastructure.

Where do you work and what do you do?
Most days are different for me. I am regularly out of the office meeting with different stakeholders, such as, councillors and community groups. Between this I work on various projects with people from all levels and areas of the business to promote our community-focused credentials. I never really wanted a full time desk job, so my job gives me the best of both worlds – working in the office on loads of high profile projects and regularly getting out and meeting people.

Public facing events are a big part of my job. I have spoken at conferences, written presentations for directors, commissioned customer focus groups, spoken at council meetings and met MP’s.

What is the best thing about working for Affinity Water?

The best thing is the company ethos of being community focused. To me this means delivering a good service to customers and taking care of the relationship between them and our stakeholders. I think it is often too easy to focus on just getting water to customers’ homes. My job is to understand our customers’ wants and needs and ensure that we mitigate the impacts of our product on the environment.

Do you get involved with Affinity Water organised activities outside work?
Outside of my day job, I get involved in company sporting events such as the water industry cycling challenges and triathlons, which are great opportunities to meet peers from other companies in a different setting. I get involved in most of the Water Aid activities that take place. I’ve done sponsored walks, cycles and triathlons to raise money – pushing me out of my comfort zone for a good cause

On the Graduate Scheme, I got involved in organizing the annual Ricky Road Run and the annual Awards Party. We had to organize everything for an event for 500+ people celebrating the best colleagues in the business.