Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

Where do you work?
I’m part of the Community Strategy team within Regulation.

How long have you worked at Affinity Water?
Over 12 years.

What made you join/stay with Affinity Water?
For me working local is important, At Affinity, I’m based close to home, but I’m able to stay connected and contribute to the business as a whole

Tell us about your job?
My job is all about making sure we take account of sustainability issues within our overall business strategy. It’s wide-ranging; sustainability touches on everything from the impacts of climate change, living wage, water use and the suppliers we choose to work with.

I spend time building connections within the community here in Dour and within the business by establishing things like the community working group. I really believe that by working together and understanding how we impact on everything around us we can achieve amazing things.

Part of my work is trying to show how the things we all do every day matters to achieving our vision to be the leading community-focused water company. And with our PR19 Business Plan setting out our Community Strategy for the next AMP, it’s a really exciting time.

What do you enjoy about it most?
Making connections, bringing people together and adding value to the community in which I live. We had a great project locally which started as a small fencing job, some essential tree work and a bit of community engagement. By rescheduling some works and bringing the projects together with a local landscape partnership, we managed to restore and bring into public access a bronze age barrow and WW11 pillbox at no extra cost. More than anyone had first imagined was possible!

What are you most proud of in your career at Affinity Water?
Achieving my professional chartership, something I didn’t think would be open to me.  I was able to use my career experience at Affinity to evidence my professional competency.  It was a great chance to reflect on my progression within the business, and it showed me there are non-academic routes to achieving your goals.

What’s a great day at work for you?
Making great connections! I love that feeling of being part of something that’s more than the sum of its parts. Whether that’s with other colleagues or finding opportunities to work with other organisations and groups.