Customer Relations Arrears & Debt Advisor

How long have you worked at Affinity Water?
I have worked here for two years. After working for myself for a long period, it feels amazing to be able to start another chapter in my career.

What made you join/stay with Affinity Water?
I applied for my role because providing good service is something I have done all my life and it is my ethos too. Every company has areas that need improvement, and everything leads to learning and progress.

Affinity Water has dedicated and knowledgeable people. I am learning a great deal and feel a part of the team that is dedicated and supportive to new members of staff.

What are you most proud of in your career at Affinity Water?
I am most proud of using my life skills and my training in Counselling and Psychology in my current role.

What’s a great day at work for you?
A great day at work is feeling appreciated by our customers. It’s a good feeling when I hear the relief on the other end of the phone, or when customers thanks me for understanding their situation. Being able to make a difference is very satisfying.