Community Customer Support Advisor

Where do you work?
I work in the Water Saving Programme department

How long have you worked at Affinity Water?
I have worked here for 16 years

What made you join/stay with Affinity Water?
I joined, confident that a large stable Company would offer many opportunities. I stayed because I love the people I work with, their professionalism and sincerity and that we provide and maintain an essential service to the Community.

Tell us about your role
I work as a Community Customer Support Advisor. Basically, if there are any issues that cannot be resolved by the Contact Centre, or complaints, then they drop into my zone and I arrange contact to explain in more detail or arrange a home visit. Over the years, having worked in different departments (Accounts, Correspondence, Directors Office, Meter reading and Debt Collection Advance Care), there are not many situations that I haven’t come across.

What does a normal day’s work include?
A normal day’s work is very varied, I could be at a pre-arranged appointment, assisting Seniors in completing forms and ensuring best tariffs or presenting roadshows and exhibitions. Last week, for example, I was delivering wine and chocolates to a complaint customer and prior to that had been on my knees on a customer’s driveway removing our blue marker paint and re-sanding between his driveway blocks. All in a day’s work!

What do you enjoy about it most?
I enjoy the variety – resolving challenging situations, meeting customers face-to-face, promoting Affinity Water and our presence in the community and presenting the environmental need for us all to conserve water. I love the people at Affinity Water, dedicated, professional, friendly and able to share a joke.

What are you most proud of in your career at Affinity Water?
Developing the Water Saving Programme Community Customer Support Advisor role – and being recognised nationally for it by being voted Outright UK Winner for individual Customer Services in the Public Utility Star Awards June 2018.

What’s a great day at work for you?
Taking ownership of a difficult situation from initial approach to amicable resolution. Keeping our customers and the Community informed.